warning lines literary emerged in April 2021, with the hope of becoming a space for the voices of those of us traditionally excluded within the publishing world, society, culture, and history. warning lines seeks to publish and uplift the voices of queer and trans creators—and especially QTPOC, and those of us multiply marginalized. 

“This world wasn’t made for me” is a sentence many of us have thought numerous times. The truth is that no matter how much one wants to disbelieve it, our current world attempts to grind us down because we refuse to bend ourselves into comprehension. We refuse to abject ourselves. We refuse to leave behind our monstrous selves—to pluck away the fallen angel’s molten feathers from our backs and cast them away. warning lines literary’s sole purpose is to lay bare the reality of us: that we are here, that we have been here from the start. That the uncrossable lines upon which they have built their world so easily contort and snap in our presence.

And if this world was not built for us, if it is our fate to be cast out: then let our words act as warning lines emblazoned across the sky—we are here, we are still here, where will you hide?

We are trans, Latine, neurodivergent, and immigrant-run. Tear down the world and build a new one within our pages. We publish poetry, fiction, non-fiction, & visual art by Queer and Trans creators 1-3 times per year. See our submission calls and guidelines here.